South Carolina Facts:
Here’s why South Carolina is the "Tastier Peach State"

•  South Carolina ranks #2 in fresh peach production
    and interstate shipments. Georgia ranks #3 nationally
    in fresh production. (At one time, one county in
    South Carolina could produce more
    commercially-grown fresh peaches than the
    entire state of Georgia.)

•  The sugar level is superb, making South Carolina
    peaches sweeter and tastier. South Carolina
    growers can get peaches from the tree to the
    table in three days or less. That's almost as fresh as picking peaches from the tree.

•  Peaches were discovered in South Carolina as early
    as the late 1600s and 1700s. Today, there are
    at least 30-40 varieties of peaches grown in
    South Carolina.

•  There are over 200 million pounds of peaches
    harvested in South Carolina

•  The South Carolina peach industry is valued at $35 million

•  In a normal growing year, a combination of favorable growing conditions, good production
    methods, and good marketing techniques makes South Carolina peaches
    the "Tastier Peaches".