Our Benefits
Here are Some Major Reasons to Choose Big Smile Brand Peaches

View our advanced, modern Packing Facility

Experience and Size Counts:
  As one of the largest commercial growers in
    the southeast, we pack more than one million
    boxes annually so we can meet your
    high-volume needs.
  State-of-the-art modern packing facility includes
    the latest technology to ensure precise
    sizing, weight and grading. All fruit
    can be labeled upon request.
  Our peaches are hydro-cooled for shipping to
    ensure a long shelf life.

Quality Begins with Consistency:
  A family member personally inspects each shipment before it leaves the packing house.
  When it comes to packing peaches, we are very precise and, as a result, our quality
    standards exceed the U.S. Government inspection regulations.
  In fact, during the peak season, we employ not one but 2-3 inspectors
  Our packing plant is cleaned to hospital-like standards on a daily basis.

Peaches are a Family Tradition:
  Since 1932, peaches have become a family tradition at J.W. Yonce & Sons. Our company
    is family owned and operated.
  The family takes pride in ensuring only the best premium quality peaches which is why
    a family member is personally in charge of each stage of production.
  Our customers appreciate our consistency and attention to detail. In fact, we have
    been able to maintain solid retail relationships that have lasted for over 25 years.